Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship of the SIMCenter takes many forms for corporations and other entities interested in participating in the opportunity to create a "center for cooperation and collaboration to make informed and sustainable choices for humanity". Your sponsorship is needed in areas such as:

  • Leadership sponsors for the formation of the SIMCenter
  • In-kind sponsorships for:
    • Technology, IT and related infrastructure for the SIMCenter
    • Building materials and furnishings, architectural expertise and construction management, etc. for the SIMCenter’s construction
    • Support through expertise in marketing, public relations, accounting advertising, etc.
  • Shared promotions like web links and cross promotions
  • Participation in an affiliates network

We invite your suggestions for other types of sponsorships too.

Current Sponsors

  • Joe Moore
  • In Memory of Lefty & Gloria Meisen
  • Bill & Cindy Shopoff
  • Cash Flow Technologies (Robert Kiyosaki)
  • Joel Seiden
  • In Memory of Elaine Martin
  • Joseph Swift (Co-founder of SCS Energy)
  • Mark Victor Hansen Foundation

All Sponsors will receive acknowledgment on our website and in the SIMCenter facility, and will receive facility usage for their company strategic planning at the Center.

Sponsorship Opportunities for 

The primary audience for SIMCenter collaborative planning events are technical experts, business leaders and policy-makers involved in energy and water issues.






Additionally, we are seeking your support at all levels to help raise the capital needed for the construction and ongoing operation of the SIMCenter.