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The Business Case
for Full Scale 
Facility (Phase V)


For 20 years, GENI has advocated the premier solution from the World Game simulation of Buckminster Fuller -- the interconnection of electric grids between nations with an emphasis on    tapping abundant renewable energy resources -- i.e. to provide clean energy for all. We've earned the endorsement of 7 Nobel Peace Laureates, been featured at the World Energy Congress and covers of many industry magazines. www.geni.org

Yet with all the current awareness on clean energy and the green economy, wind/solar/geothermal supply just 4% of global electricity, but has the potential to power 100% of our needs. We see the need to accelerate the process.  There are also numerous other issues: water shortages, disease migration, fishery loss, population growth . .

    We have now developed Bucky Fuller's proposed World Resources Simulation Center -- an immersive visualization facility where leaders get educated and gain insights, see trends and scenarios of future options, and can then make more sustainable choices and act on them quicker.

    In 2009 we hosted a Prototype Event, have 40 partners and institutions on the team, and in September 2010 we worked with the New School of Architecture and Design to host a month-long collaborative on “Energy & Water in Southern California: Moving to Sustainability.

    The Good News,
    The Bad News,
    What We Can Do About It
    Presented at: IEEE San Diego Awards Luncheon, January 18, 2018, Peter Meisen, Keynote

    It’s about visualizing sustainability in multiple fields – and then accelerating action in that direction.   Here's a presentation about a few of the trends that effect us all...

    Our next step is to market and use this facility for use by businesses and institutions to better grapple with the challenging issues --  and hopefully get to consensus quicker. 

    I’d like to invite you to visit next time you’re in San Diego.  Coffee or wine my treat

    Peter Meisen

    Phase I

    Testing Prototype



    In June, the SimCenter held a prototype session with 46 leaders in GIS mapping and comprehensive thinking. Learn More

    Phase II

    Develop Partnerships

    2009 / 2010


    Developed 40 partners and $50,000 raised to fund the next step. Become a Partner.

    Phase III

    Sustainability Event



    The Sep. 7-30, event brought experts together to focus on “Energy & Water Sustainability in SoCal” Explore The Event

    Phase IV

    SimCenter Opens



    Opened the ongoing demonstration facility and continuing to raise $450,000 for the facility and staff. Look Here

    Phase V

    Full Scale Facility



    $8 million needed to construct, fund, and staff the fully functional World Resources Simulation Center. See The Future